With hundreds of flooring varieties to choose from and unbeatable customer service, Dublin Carpet have distinguished themselves as provides of the best flooring in Tracy, California. Providing outstanding tiles and carpet as well as hardwood floors in Tracy, along with economical laminate and luxury vinyl tile flooring, there’s something for every home and business at Dublin Carpet.

The flooring experts at Dublin Carpet know how to analyze your flooring needs and provide the perfect flooring solution for you. With extensive experience in designing and providing both residential and commercial flooring in Tracy, Dublin Carpet knows how to balance every one of your flooring needs.

Dublin Carpet are well known for their customer service that goes above and beyond to guarantee satisfaction.

The extensive services provided by Dublin Carpet include -

  • Up to 18 months’ interest free financing
  • Free estimates on site at your home or business
  • Decorating service arranged by appointment to find your perfect flooring match
  • Expert installation of all flooring products for professional results
  • Contractor discounts
  • Customer loyalty program
  • 60-day full replacement on specific products
  • Confidence Plus warranty, the Price Protection Guarantee, and the Lifetime Installation Guarantee available on Flooring America star rater products.
  • Earth friendly "Green Select" flooring options

As part of the Flooring America retail flooring network, Dublin Carpet is proud to offer one of the widest and most diverse ranges of flooring in Tracy. Their choice of materials and styles is unbeatable, and many flooring types are available for cash and carry from their Dublin warehouse.

Dublin Carpet’s premium flooring materials include -

From expert interior decoration and measurement to professional flooring installation and finishing Dublin Carpet have you covered from start to finish. For the best flooring service and products in Tracy, California, contact Dublin Carpet today for all your flooring needs.

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