Luxury Vinyl Tile

WPC-Waterproof Vinyl Tile

Luxury hayward vinyl tiles are a premium flooring option that provides a high quality, luxury finish combined with outstanding performance. Luxury vinyl tiles are already a highly popular choice for commercial spaces, and now demand is also increasing for residential settings. The last few years have brought a stunning transformation in the effects and quality of luxury vinyl tiles. By using highly advanced 3D photographic scanning technologies, luxury Luxury Dublin vinyl tiles replicate the look and feel of timber and stone with astonishing accuracy. This aesthetic appeal combined with lasting durability, easy maintenance and excellent value makes luxury vinyl tiles an outstanding flooring choice.

Hayward Vinyl

Luxury Dublin vinyl tiles are a waterproof floor covering that’s perfect for any room in the home. Whether you need a high-quality kitchen floor that can stand up to all kinds of wear, or tiles with outstanding aesthetic appeal in the bathroom, luxury vinyl tiles provide the perfect option. Dublin Carpet supplies a wide range of luxury vinyl tile flooring in a selection of stunning hardwood and natural stone effects, perfect for any room in your home or office.

As part of Flooring America, the leading flooring retail group in the U.S., Dublin Carpet provides access to the buying power of 500 stores nationwide. This means you are guaranteed to the lowest prices and the greatest selection of luxury vinyl tile flooring on the market.

Providing a full scope of service, from interior design to flooring installation, Dublin Carpet offers the ultimate floor fitting experience. Dublin Carpet also offers unbeatable warranties and guarantees on their luxury vinyl tiles as well as expert installation, so you always receive a flawless result.

Luxury vinyl tiles are the latest revolution set to transform the flooring industry. Perfect for both commercial and residential spaces, luxury vinyl tiles create an outstanding, high quality finish that not only looks amazing, but is durable, easy to clean, waterproof and affordable.

Dublin Carpet offers luxury vinyl tiles from some of the premier brands in the industry including the following:

  • US Floors
  • Downs
  • Republic
  • Medallion
  • IVC
  • Core Elements

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Tile (Ceramic/Porcelein), Travertine, Granite

Tile is one of the most versatile, hygienic, attractive and durable materials for flooring. Dublin Carpet offers a range of tiles to suit any space, including such quality materials as ceramic, porcelain, travertine and granite. Dublin Carpet tile variety, color, texture and material to suit any space. Tiles are perfect for wet areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry, but they also add a touch of style and beauty to entrances, halls, and living and dining areas. Tiles offer one of the most durable, easy to maintain, and attractive flooring choices and tiles are naturally resistant to stains. Dublin Carpet can help you find the perfect tile for your floors no matter what your tastes or needs.

Ceramic tiles are made of natural clay and minerals that are cured and set into a variety of shapes and sizes. Ceramic tiles are available in a number of colors, designs and textures to suit any space and add a natural warmth and character to your flooring.

Porcelain tiles are also made of natural clay in a finer grain that creates a denser tile that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Porcelain tiles are more durable, scratch resistant and stain resistant than other tile varieties, and their smooth, even surface provides a stunning finish.

Travertine tiles are composed of a type of limestone found in hot springs around the world. The minerals form stunning and unique patterns in the natural stone, providing a one-of-a-kind effect for your travertine floor.

Granite tiles are one of the most sought after flooring types for their dense and durable quality and flawless appearance. Granite tiles are available in a number of colors and patterns caused by trace minerals laced in veins throughout the stone.

Tiles are one of the most popular, durable, attractive and easy to maintain flooring types. The flooring experts at Dublin Carpet can help you find the perfect tile for your needs, preferences and style. Dublin Carpet offers one of the largest selection of tiles, as part of the nationwide Flooring America network. These include but are not limited to the following brands:  Daltile, Shaw, Mohawk, Marazzi, and Emser Tile.  

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Hayward Vinyl is the ideal low maintenance, water resistant and affordable flooring material. Vinyl offers the widest range of options when it comes to colors, patterns, designs with something for every taste and décor. Hayward Vinyl is long lasting and durable, and perfect for floors prone to wetness, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Because vinyl flooring is so easy to clean, stain resistant and hygienic, you can be sure your resilient vinyl floors will help you maintain a healthy, clean environment and always look incredible.

Hayward Vinyl floors are easy to install, and Dublin Carpet offers both glue and glueless varieties. Properly installed vinyl floors are stain resistant and practically impervious to water or other fluids. This makes vinyl easy to clean and ideal for kitchens or bathrooms. Hayward Vinyl is available in a range of styles and varieties and there is something for every budget. For the more economical minded, vinyl can provide one of the most affordable floor coverings for cost per square foot. On the other hand, high end, premium vinyl materials offer unbeatable aesthetics and performance while still remaining less expensive than many flooring options.

Dublin Carpet offer an incredible range of Hayward vinyl flooring for every taste, lifestyle and budget. As part of the Flooring America network, Dublin Carpet draws on a connection with over 500 flooring stores nationwide. This allows Dublin Carpet to provide outstanding products and service at unbeatable prices.

Dublin Carpet offers a wide range of quality vinyl flooring, including the following brands –

  • Armstrong
  • Tarkett
  • Naturcor

Hayward Vinyl can quickly transform the appearance of your room or home with easy installation and a flawless finish. Dublin Carpet also can provide professional installation to ensure your floors look amazing and last even longer.

Why keep your drab, old flooring when you can transform your floors and your home with stunning, affordable vinyl? Talk to the flooring experts at Dublin Carpet today about how vinyl floors can transform your home or office.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are the secret to making your room appear beautiful, and protecting your flooring at the same time. Area rugs add a touch of warmth and style to any room, while increasing comfort underfoot and protecting floors from stains, marks and scratches. Area rugs can provide a design focal point to the bedroom or living area, reduce damage in high traffic areas in hallways and entrances and relieve pressure underfoot in work areas like the kitchen. With area rugs available in every size, pattern color and shape imaginable, you can find the perfect addition for your room.

Area rugs provide a number of advantages to both residential and commercial spaces. Area rugs provide softness and ease, particularly to rooms with hardwood, tile, laminate or vinyl tile flooring. Area rugs improve comfort by reducing noise levels and providing a cushioned and supportive surface underfoot. One of the greatest benefits of area rugs is the design aspect they contribute to a space. Adding an area rug to a space can instantly transform the style and atmosphere of a room.

Dublin Carpet prides themselves on providing the greatest range of high quality area rugs in the Bay Area. Dublin Carpet provide premium area rugs from a number of outstanding manufacturers, including -

  • Design Distinction
  • Kane Carpets
  • Stanton
  • Dixie Homes

As part of Flooring America, the largest flooring retail network in the U.S., Dublin Carpet has the connections and buying power of 500 stores nationwide. That means that when you choose Dublin Carpet you receive unbeatable prices and the best warranties and guarantees in the industry.

Dublin Carpet is here to help you choose the perfect area rug for your space, from design to fitting. Let the flooring experts at Dublin Carpet find the perfect area rug to bring comfort, warmth and sophistication to your home.






Area Rugs






Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring

Commercial spaces have unique flooring requirements that need to be met according to stringent specifications. The experienced flooring professionals at Dublin Carpet know how to choose the right flooring type and style to suit your space, and to withstand the demanding commercial environment.

Whether you need new carpet for your office or high performance flooring for your production area, Dublin Carpet provides one of the widest selections of commercial flooring in the Bay Area. No matter what color, style, design, material or quality you require, Dublin Carpet can provide the ideal commercial flooring for you.

Dublin Carpet have experience in providing commercial flooring for a range of businesses throughout the Bay Area, including office buildings, corporate environments, retail shops, restaurants, hotels, and workshops. This has allowed Dublin Carpet to develop a unique understanding of the flooring needs of each type of business and industry. Dublin Carpet understands that commercial flooring must not only look stunning, but should also provide outstanding performance, safety and feel.

Dublin Carpet can provide a full service commercial flooring fit out from interior design to installation. The Dublin Carpet flooring experts ensure that your business’s every need is met when it comes to choosing and installing the right flooring.

As a part of Flooring America, Dublin Carpet is connected to a network of over 500 stores nationwide. This allows Dublin Carpet access to an astonishing range of different flooring types and brands to suit any budget, style or taste.

Dublin Carpet provides a range of high quality, tried and tested commercial flooring materials, including –

  • Hardwood
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Tile
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile

Choosing the right flooring for your business means balancing style, appearance, performance and safety. Talk to the flooring experts at Dublin Carpet today about the perfect flooring solution for your commercial space.

Residential Flooring

The right flooring can transform the look and feel of your home. The experts at Dublin Carpet are committed to finding the perfect flooring fit to match your tastes and needs, achieving the outstanding effect you want for your home. Dublin Carpet pride themselves on their unbeatable flooring selection and second-to-none service. Whether it’s tiles for the bathroom or carpet for the bedroom, working with Dublin Carpet for your residential flooring needs ensures a stunning result every time.

Homeowners demand many requirements for residential flooring. Flooring should be stylish and aesthetically integrated into a home, yet timeless enough to last for years to come. Residential flooring should be hard-wearing and durable, yet comfortable to walk on every day. Home flooring should also be easy to maintain or clean, and as resistant as possible to stains, scratches, damage, wear and tear.

Dublin Carpet specializes in assisting home owners, interior designers and contractors choose the perfect flooring for residential spaces. With such a wide variety of styles, materials, patterns, designs, colors and options to choose from, you can be assured Dublin Carpet has the right flooring choice for you.

As a part of Flooring America, the nation’s largest network of retail flooring stores, Dublin Carpet has incredible access to the best value flooring, along with industry leading warranties and guarantees. Uniting with the power of over 500 stores nationwide, Dublin Carpet can help you ensure you receive the best flooring and the best service for an unbeatable price.

Dublin Carpet’s amazing range of top quality residential flooring materials includes –

  • Hardwood
  • Tiles
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet
  • Laminate
  • Luxury Vinyl Tiles
  • Area Rugs

From free in home estimates to up to 18 months’ interest free financing, Dublin Carpet provides the utmost in customer service. Dublin Carpet guides you through the process of finding your perfect residential flooring solution with expert advice, the largest selection of flooring choices, and outstanding service.

Residential Flooring